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Vision & Mission


 “To be a leading research guru in knowledge and information generation and capacity development puzzles” 


To support research efforts at individual and institutional levels that target at generating knowledge and information necessary for improving the welfare and socio-economic conditions of the people, through systematic utilization of natural and acquired resources for wealth generation.

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China-Africa NGO Exchange Program for NGO Leaders from Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa

From 18th to 29th May 2015, EARCDF participated in NGO Exchange Program of NGO Leaders in China hosted by Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD).

The program focused on the backdrop  of   “One  Belt,  One  Road”  Initiatives  that  aims  to  connect  the  world  through  policy communications, road  connectivity, railway connectivity, coastal connectivity, air connectivity, trade facilitation, monetary circulation and people to people exchanges for better effectiveness. 

 “One Road” represents China’s confidence in the huge potential and the common aspirations of all maritime countries to build a strong and sustainable maritime economy where policy communication, road connectivity, trade facilitation, monetary circulation and people-to-people exchanges will be much easier and more efficient.

The CPAPD aimed to work with partners of the leading six maritime states in Africa, trying to explore the following two key themes structured to identify space for conducting NGOs cooperation:

(1) How the civil society could contribute to create a sound and harmonious environment for the future “One Road” cooperation at the national level?


(2) How the civil society can help to develop more harmony and prevent possible conflicts in local community in the event of large-scale engineering projects?

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