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Vision & Mission


 “To be a leading research guru in knowledge and information generation and capacity development puzzles” 


To support research efforts at individual and institutional levels that target at generating knowledge and information necessary for improving the welfare and socio-economic conditions of the people, through systematic utilization of natural and acquired resources for wealth generation.

News and Events

 Studies on the Evidence on the Evolving role of china in Africa’s Agricultural Economy 

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has commissioned the East African Research Capacity Development Foundation (EARCDF) to conduct a series of pilot studies under the umbrella...

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Contact us

Sokoine Road,
Summit Center Building, Block A 2nd Floor,
P.O.BOX 435,
Tel: 0713467095 / 0767467095 / 0754545718

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Welcome to EARCDF


Our Services

Our service is to influence policy change by undertaking policy research...

Core Values

EARCDF is a foundation whose operations are centered and committed on six core values that reflect its core functions... 

Our Objectives

The objectives of EARCDF include; To mobilize financial and non-financial resources, needed to support research...

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EARCDF Directorates

In terms of Organization EARCDF have four Directorates namely;

1. Executive Directors's Office

2. Directorate of Programmes

3. Directorate of Finance and Administration

4. Directorate of Communication and Public Relation

5. Directorate of Research Development


Our Partners


Virtual Institute

Virtual Institute  UNCTAD Palais des Nations  8-14, Av. de la Paix  1211 Geneva 10  Switzerland Website:



The Nordic Africa Institute


 The Nordic Africa Institute  P O Box 1703,  SE-751 47 Uppsala, Sweden Visitors' address: Villavägen 6 SE-752 36 Uppsala Org.number: 202100-2726 Telephone: +46 18 471 52 00 Website:

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